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What is doggie daycare?

Camp Ruff It Doggie Daycare is a place for your dog to play and socialize with other dogs while you are at work, on vacation, or need to get your pet out of the house for a while. It helps your dog to become social with other dogs, relieves boredom and/or stress of being alone all day. It provides plenty of exercise to ensure optimal health for your dog. Your dog will go home happy and tired from a full day of play with pals.

Do I need an appointment to enroll my dog in daycare?

Yes, all owners are required to make an appointment for our dog screening process. A certified staff member will conduct the enrollment interview. All dogs must be friendly and social to humans and other dogs. Aggressive dogs will not be permitted.

What does the enrollment interview consist of?

You will need to bring the following:

  • Proof of current vaccinations and report of overall good health from your vet (Rabies, DHPP, bordetella shots, negative stool/heartworm report) All dogs must be on year-round flea and tick control such as Frontline.
  • Dog collar with a quick release buckle, the dogs first and last name attached, 4-6 ft leash
  • Owners will need to fill out all enrollment forms, medical history, vet information, emergency information and release forms. Our enrollment fee is $20 (non-refundable).
  • All dogs will be tested for signs of aggression towards other dogs and humans during the interview. Your dog will be introduced slowly with other dogs to determine which group he/she will fit best. We cannot accept aggressive dogs that want to fight or bite.
  • The owner part of the interview may take up to 20 min. If your dog passes initial testing, we will continue his screening with a half-day of daycare. It may take some dogs a while to feel comfortable at the facility.

What happens if my dog does not pass the screening process?

We will isolate your dog from the pack and call you to pick him up. Be sure to schedule your enrollment interview on a day you are available to come pick him up if it doesnt work out.

What do I need to bring to Daycare?

Your dog will need a 4-6 ft leash, a collar with a pinch release buckle with first and last name attached. We do not feed daycare dogs, but if your dog eats lunch, you must provide his/her own food already portioned in a zip lock bag or container along with name and feeding instructions. We will also administer medications if needed.

Do not bring toys or bedding to daycare. We do not want to encourage possessive behavior. Your dog will be engaged in various activities and play all day. We have plenty of beds and resting places throughout the facility for your dogs comfort.

Are dogs separated by size and temperament?

Yes, for the most part. After the screening process, we will determine which dogs are most compatible with your dog. Some small dogs actually like being with the larger dogs and vice versa. We do have a separate area for puppies, small dogs and older, less energetic dogs that will ensure their safety and comfort.

What is cage-free boarding?

Cage-free boarding simply that, Cage Free! Dogs sleep together in a slumber party-type atmosphere with our overnight caretaker. Our sleeping areas are equipped with cushy dog beds, cozy cots, sofas and TV for a home-like feel. After a day full of play, your dog can relax and watch a movie with his new buddies before bed. We understand that this type of boarding is not for every dog. Cozy, den-like crates are available for dogs that prefer to be alone or normally sleep in a crate at home. We want to make your dog feel at home while in our care. It is less stressful to your pet.

What do I need to bring for overnight boarding?

We supply all sleeping beds, cots, blankets and/or crates. You may bring a favorite toy/blanket, etc. from home as long as it is washable. (Articles with the home scent will make your dog feel less anxious when youre away.) Owners must provide all food for their pets. Changing their diet while away from home can cause stress on your dogs system. Providing your dogs own food will ensure less upset tummies. All food must be portioned out into separate baggies/containers, labeled with the dogs name and feeding instructions. We provide stainless steel bowls and plenty of fresh water. *Note: all dogs will be fed separately and individually to avoid any aggressive behavior. (We will have food on hand in case of emergencies at additional expense.)

Can I board my dog without an interview or daycare session?

We do require that all dogs go through our screening process and attend at least one session of daycare before their actual first boarding date. This will ensure that they are comfortable with the facility, staff and daily routine.

Will someone be there at night with my dog?

Yes, we provide 24 hour staffing to ensure your dogs safety and comfort. Because of our cage-free boarding policy, we have overnight attendants to cater to all of our guests needs. If an emergency does arise, we are there to attend to the situation immediately. This gives all of us peace of mind---your dogs well being is our greatest concern.

Do you have outdoor space?

No, we are a completely indoor facility. You dont have to worry about your dog getting loose outdoors and running off. You dont have to worry about your dog being out in the heat, cold, rain or snow. This provides the highest safety and comfort for your dog. Our facility is completely air-conditioned and heated for everyones comfort. We have medical grade air purifiers in place for germ and odor-free air quality. We use only non-toxic products to clean and disinfect our facility. . Our play areas are like indoor dog parks. Dogs relieve themselves by scent in certain areas of the "park" and it is cleaned and sanitized immediately by staff with commercial floor machines. The dogs know the rules are different at camp. They will remember to go outside at home!! 

Do you accept all breeds at Camp Ruff It?

No, we currently do not accept the following breeds or mixes: Pit Bulls,  Mastiffs, Akita, Rottweiler and Wolf Hybrids. We realize the many of the bully breeds can be friendly and social and that any dog can become aggressive. However, these particular breeds can make others uncomfortable and for insurance purposes we do not accept these dogs at our facility.

How long does it take before my dog feels comfortable with the pack?

Some dogs fit right in on the first day. Others may take up to 5 visits before they feel comfortable and start making friends. It is our experience that most dogs will be pulling you through the door. They love it that much!

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